Dynamic Symmetry Resources

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I plan to add more info soon.

Below is a grid, saved as 3000 by 2000 pixels for use with a 3:2 aspect ratio frame.

Feel free to copy this and use it as a guide when cropping your photos.

Dynamic Symmetry Grid, made by Steve Kaye

Grid, 3000 by 2000 Pixels for 3:2 Aspect Ratio

Example of using Dynamic Symmetry to compare a photo
Allen's Hummingbird, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Allen’s Hummingbird, Slide from Photo Class

Web Sites

Canon of Design: Excellent source of articles, videos, and examples.

Dynamic Symmetry Art: Contains dozens of articles, references to artists, and other resources.


The Painter’s Secret Geometry, by Charles Bouleau: Shows examples of how different grids were used to design classic art.

The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry, by Jay Hambidge: Shows the math and construction of grids.

Blog Posts with Photos

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