Hello Event and Meeting Planners,

Let’s begin with expectations.

You can relax.

I’ve been speaking professionally since 1992 (and casually since 1985).

So I bring extensive experience in the craft of delivering effective presentations, as well as in the business of working with meeting planners.

You will impress others.

I work as your partner, helping make you and your event a success.

I also seek opportunities to offer praise and be grateful. So I tell others about the good job that you’re doing.

You will achieve results.

My approach inspires people to make changes.

Western Bluebird, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Hello event and meeting planners

Western Bluebird, Male

We need to talk.

This will help us determine if there’s a fit between what you want and what I do.

Then, if you decide to schedule one of my presentations, we begin a partnership.

This has two sides.

Allen's Hummingbird, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in hello event and meeting planners

Allen’s Hummingbird, Female

What I Do

I bring a proven presentation.

During this, I show my photos of real, live, wild birds. (The photos on this page are samples of my work.)

I review, revise, and rehearse each talk. Often I spend days preparing.

I research your organization so that I know your audience.

If appropriate, I will speak with key members in your organization. This helps me tune my talk to support their vision.

I stay in touch to: 1) Let you know that I plan to show up, and 2) Check on news about your event. I call a month, a week, and a day (or two) before your event.

I arrive an hour early to: 1) Set up my equipment, 2) Survey the venue, and 3) Greet your members. This also let’s me sample the mood and interests of those who attend.

I bring my laptop, projector, and any materials that I need.

I bring an introduction that takes less than a minute to read.

I stay to talk with people after my presentation.

Black Skimmer, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Meeting Planners, Hello and Welcome

Black Skimmer

What I Need

Information about your organization, members, and event.

A supportive agenda. If requested, I can offer suggestions that will help make the event a success for everyone.

Attendance by the leaders in your organization. Then they will know what their members might want to do as a result of my presentation.

Some type of compensation.


Call me.

Every success begins with a conversation.

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