Comments & Testimonials | Presentations and Photo Classes (2012 – )

These comments were made by clients and participants in my presentations.

“It took me four years to learn what you just covered in 20 minutes.”

“It’s not easy to hold my attention for three hours. Just ask my mom, she’ll tell you. But you did it.”

“Your photo class covers as much in three hours as I learned in two college semesters.”

“I am still receiving rave reviews of your program. You made me look really good.”

“Great speaker with organized, useful information prepared with an excellent philosophical perspective.”

“Exquisite examples of nature’s gifts.”

“I would definitely attend another class and recommend it to others.”

“Steve was a great speaker and made the subject really interesting!”

“Steve Kaye is awesome! Great teacher.”

“I like it that this information is useful no matter what level or type of camera you have.”

“Everyone was amazed by your photos, knowledge, and style.”

“You were spectacular.”

“Steve Kaye is an exceptional photographer and mentor. He shares knowledge openly and strives to create a better world for all. His wisdom and tips are presented in thoughtful, doable ways. Plus, he adds a welcome touch of humor to the work environment.”

Bewick’s Wren, Singing, (c) Photo by Steve Kaye, in Comments & Testimonials

Bewick’s Wren, Singing

Testimonials | Business Clients (1995 – ) for Leadership Programs

“I thought the workshop on effective meetings was one of the best training programs I’ve ever attended (and I’ve been to plenty in my eighteen year career in professional sales). Excellent Program!” Avery Dennison

“It’s clear the benefits are going to last for years.” Dean Foods Company

“The feedback from those who attended was absolutely exceptional. We have never had a speaker who touched us the way you have.” Lockheed Aircraft Service Company

“The most effective class I have taken.” IBM

“I couldn’t write fast enough.” Office Management Services

“We’ve had a spectacular improvement.” Thomas P. Cox, Architects, Inc.

“Steve Kaye performed this task with the highest level of professionalism and effectiveness. He was able to control and achieve participation from employees with a history of discord. His accomplishments exceeded my expectations.” Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Thank you to everyone who provided these comments.

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