Mission and Values That Define My Business


I believe we can build a world that serves all humanity.

Such a world would be environmentally sustainable, socially just, and emotionally rewarding for all.


Mission: Inspire respect for Nature.

A connection with Nature leads to compassion for life. In turn, this drives choices that benefit all humanity. People would, for example, conserve resources, avoid pollution, and create sustainable systems.

Purpose: Encourage people to build a sustainable future for humanity.

Our future depends upon having a global society based upon sustainable systems.

This matters because there is no alternative if we want to survive.

Strategy: Take photos that show the extraordinary beauty in Nature.

I hope that when people see my photos, they will feel the same connection with life that I feel when I’m outside.

Process: Use these photos in presentations, blogs, and articles.

Snowy Plover, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Mission and Values

Snowy Egret

Core Values – Principles That Support My Mission

• Purpose – Work toward a vision with intentions and plans.
• Efficiency – Obtain maximum value for time and effort.
• Excellence – Exceed expectations.
• Optimal thinking – Seek solutions that create the most benefit for all.

• Integrity – Tell the truth and do what is right.
• Growth – Seek personal improvement.
• Knowledge – Keep exploring and learning.
• Consistency – Live the message.

• Acceptance – Forgive mistakes.
• Courtesy – Treat everyone with respect.
• Kindness – Respond with kindness.
• Optimism – Find the best in others.

• Freedom – Follow my intentions and plans.
• Mind – Focus on gratitude, optimism, and possibilities.
• Relationships – Stay with those who nurture.
• Security – Set and maintain boundaries.

Business Definitions (An MBA in 30 seconds)

Vision: Your dream for the future.
Your approach to achieving that vision.
Purpose: Why you are striving for your mission.
Strategy: How you will fulfill your mission.
Process: General actions that implement your strategy.
Values: Attributes that you consider important.
Principles: How you apply your values.
Intentions: Outcomes that you want.
Goals: Specific, realistic, measurable achievement milestones with deadlines.
Plans: Actions taken to realize goals (often stated as steps to overcome obstacles).

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