Mission and Values That Define My Business


I believe we can build a world that serves all humanity.

Why: Such a world would be environmentally sustainable, socially just, and emotionally rewarding for all.


Mission: Inspire respect for Nature.

Why: A connection with Nature leads to compassion for life. In turn, this drives choices that benefit all humanity. People would, for example, conserve resources, avoid pollution, and create sustainable systems. They would also act with compassion and kindness.

Purpose: Encourage people to build a sustainable future for humanity.

Why: Our future depends upon having economic, government, and social systems that preserve the environment we depend upon for our existence.

This matters because there is no alternative if we want to survive.

Strategy: Take and share photos that show the extraordinary beauty in Nature.

Why: I hope that when people see my photos, they will feel the same connection with life that I feel when I’m outside.

Process: Use these photos in presentations, blogsarticles, and books.

Snowy Plover, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Mission and Values

Snowy Egret, Bolsa Chica, CA

Core Values and Principles That Support My Mission

• Purpose – Work toward a vision with intentions and plans.
• Efficiency – Obtain maximum value for time and effort.
• Excellence – Exceed expectations.
• Optimal thinking – Seek solutions that create the most benefit for all.

• Integrity – Tell the truth and do what is right.
• Growth – Seek personal improvement.
• Knowledge – Keep exploring and learning.
• Consistency – Live the message.

• Acceptance – Forgive mistakes.
• Courtesy – Treat everyone with respect.
• Kindness – Respond with kindness.
• Optimism – Find the best in others.

• Freedom – Follow my intentions and plans.
• Mind – Focus on gratitude, optimism, and possibilities.
• Relationships – Stay with those who nurture.
• Security – Set and maintain boundaries.

Business Definitions (An MBA in 30 seconds)

Vision: Your dream for the future.
Your approach to achieving that vision.
Purpose: Why you are striving for your mission.
Strategy: How you fulfill your mission.
Process: Actions that implement your strategy.
Values: Attributes that you consider important.
Principles: How you apply your values.
Intentions: Outcomes that you want.
Goals: Specific, realistic, measurable achievement milestones that you can control, with deadlines.
Plans: Actions taken to realize goals (often stated as steps to overcome obstacles).

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