Books by Steve Kaye

Welcome to this list of books.

I design books that are easy to read. The fonts are a bit larger, the paragraphs are shorter, and the space is more open.

Most important, the content is positive, often with a touch of whimsey.

So people will want to keep these feel-good books.

All these books are published using Barnes & Noble’s print on demand service, except for Life Poems and the book by Stephen Shunk.


Bosque Birds, book by Steve Kaye

Bosque Birds, Celebrating the Beauty in Nature

Enjoy a photo tour of Bosque Del Apache, National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico.

And gain visitor tips, bird trivia, plus a bit of fun.

This book contains 168 color photos of birds that you might see in the Refuge. The photos show details that would be difficult to see. And they capture behavior that few people notice.


$32.95, 144 pages, size 11-in wide by 8.5-in high. Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]

Trees, Photos of Zion National Park by Steve Kaye

Trees, And the Rock That Holds Them

Welcome to this uncommon photo tour of Zion National Park.

This book shows both popular views of Zion National Park plus views that few people notice.

Many of the photos were taken with telephoto lenses, and thus capture distant scenery. For example, the tree on the cover can be seen, if you stand in front of the lodge and look across the river. Yes, it’s there, far away.

The book also includes uplifting poems and inspirational thoughts. So this is a book that will be a joy to keep and share.

$19.95, 64 pages, size 11-in wide by 8.5-in high. Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]

What Birds Want to Tell Us, book by Steve Kaye

What Birds Want to Tell Us

Birds are concerned about our environment because they depend upon it.

So they helped me write this book.

This is a friendly book with a positive tone about protecting birds and the environment we (both us and the birds) depend upon.

It contains conversations with birds and other fantasies – all with practical actions that you can use. Most of these will save money, improve health, and provide comfort.


$37.95, 192 pages, size 8.5 by 8.5-in, 106 beautiful photos of birds. Available from Barnes & Noble [ Shop Now ]


Cat Wisdom, book by Steve Kaye

Cat Wisdom

Enter the amazing world of cats with this collection of delightful photos, poems, and wisdom.

This is an entertaining book about cats for anyone who enjoys a good “Meow.”

Or enjoys a warm smile.

It received the prestigious Four Paws rating from Olivia Felini (Her photo appears on the cover).

And she contributed to the wisdom, along with Katcheena Kahtay, Maxwell Goodcat, and others.

$26.95, 128 pages, size 8 by 8-in, 37 beautiful photos of cats with dozens of poems and cat quotes, Available from Barnes & Noble [ Shop Now ]


Mindful Photography, How to Create Photos You Admire, book by Steve Kaye

Mindful Photography

This book is different from most books on photography.

Instead of presenting the artistic or technical side of taking photos, this book shows the mindful side of photography.

This includes mindful considerations that lead to better photos, inspiring stories that open possibilities, and practical insights that come from decades of experience.

And the book also includes 84 extraordinary photos to show what’s possible.

$29.95, 166 pages, size 8 by 8-in, Available from Barnes & Noble [ Shop Now ]



Peterson Reference Guide to Woodpeckers of North America, by Stephen Shunk, contains two of my photos. See: Woodpeckers of North America

Business Success

Effective Leadership, Book by Steve Kaye

Effective Leadership

Gain uncommon insights that will make you a more effective leader.

This book shows: What people expect of a leader; How to determine who is really in control of your organization; How to design a future that you want; How to represent your organization with style; What comes after success; Seven types of goals and how to use them; How to avoid advanced procrastination; How to optimize your thinking; How to test your staff; How to be a leader others admire

This book contains provocative ideas from Steve Kaye’s workshops, presentations, and articles since 1992.

$14.95, 182 pages, size 5.5-in wide by 8.25-in high. Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]

Your Next Effective Meeting, Book by Steve Kaye

Your Next Effective Meeting

Distinguish yourself as an effective leader by holding meetings that get results.

This book shows how to: Reach agreements that people will support; Make decisions quickly; Find creative solutions; Hold meetings that earn a profit; Define concepts, such as your mission; Resolve conflicts; Develop plans and schedules; Maximize a group’s productivity; Manage disruptive activities; Rescue bad meetings; Protect your time

This book contains practical techniques that work. These techniques are based on 45 years of experience, which includes 20 years as an employee and 25 years as a professional meeting facilitator.

$19.95, 278 pages, size 7-in wide by 10-in high. Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ] 

145 Tips for Effective Meetings, Book by Steve Kaye145 Tips for Effective Meetings, Distinguish Yourself as an Effective Leader

This book shows easy, practical tips that will help you distinguish yourself as an effective leader by holding productive meetings.




$7.95, 58 pages, Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]


Poetic Mischief, Poems by Steve KayePoetic Mischief, Poems for people who don’t like poetry

Enjoy this collection of odd, whimsical poems that push the limits on poetry.

$14.95, 112 pages, Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]




Trees, Photos of Zion National Park by Steve KayeFreedom to Play, Reflections with space to play

This is a journal with a provocative, inspiring poem on every other page.

Use this to explore your thoughts.

Use this create new ideas.

Use this to play with words.

$19.95, 218 pages, Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]

Life Poems, Poetry by Steve KayeLife Poems, Inspiring & provocative poems

Enjoy this collection of feel-good poems.

They comfort, encourage, and inspire.

$15.95, 122 pages, Available from Barnes & Noble. [ Shop Now ]



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