Western Gull, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Live Forward | Feb 2024

Live Forward

Western Gull, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Western Gull, Going Forward

Birds live forward.

Here’s how (presented in terms for humans).

1) Have a Destination

Ideally, have a vision of where you want to go with your life, which can include who you want to be and what you want to do.

On a larger scale, this can be a vision for the world you want to live in.

And of course, this vision can be anything you want because it’s your vision.

2) Have a Reason for Going There

Ideally, this is your purpose.

And it will be most successful when related to a contribution or service that helps humanity.

Then this purpose becomes your internal guide.

As such, it inspires you, helps make life choices, and then becomes your legacy.

Note: Birds know their vision and purpose instinctively.

People, however, have to find these tools.

So here’s a suggestion: Set aside time to reflect on: a) What type of world you want to live in, and 2) What you want to be remembered for.

This thinking process will be most useful when you write your answers. Then you retain them so you can review and revise them.

3) Support Your Purpose

Do this by saying “Yes” to what matters.

This helps you find reasons to take those actions that move your life forward .

4) Protect Your Purpose

Do this by saying “No” to what hinders.

We live in a world where more possibilities exist than any of us could manage.

So we need to decline those possibilities that reduce our effectiveness.

In fact, saying “Yes” often begins by saying “No” because this creates the space and time for important actions.

5) Check Your Progress

Pause occasionally to check everything.

The world changes. And so we may need to make adjustments.

Wish you the best as you create a masterpiece,

Steve Kaye

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Did You Know?

The most effective way to help birds is to buy land.

Here are three organizations that excel at doing this.

1) American Bird Conservancy

2) The Nature Conservancy

3) The Trust for Public Land

Please visit their web sites to learn about the work they do.

Here’s an excellent book: The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation

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  • Kaye Catherine
    Posted at 16:05h, 28 February


  • Cyrus Irani
    Posted at 08:48h, 29 February

    Birds have a magnetic compass to keep them true to their trajectory. It might not be a bad idea to early on find the equivalent in your context to safeguard the journey.

  • joyce rouse
    Posted at 12:47h, 01 March

    As usual, brilliant and beautiful! thank you.

  • Daphne Radenhurst
    Posted at 04:06h, 02 March

    Always appreciate your wisdom Steve.

  • Megan Moscol
    Posted at 12:46h, 13 April

    I really resonate with the concept that “no” creates space for more meaningful yeses. Those noes can be hard though.

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