Teamwork is a cooperative partnership where everyone gains something.

As a result, the team achieves greater success than any individual might accomplish by working alone.

There are many types of teams, from formal where everyone wears the same uniform to informal where everyone shares the same values.

If you care about the future of humanity, then you might want to join my team.

Specifically, I’m working to inspire respect for the environment so that people take care of it.

Since I’m just one voice in this critical effort, I need support from others.

Sandhill Crane, © Photo by Steve Kaye, Article about Teamwork

Sandhill Crane

Here’s how you can benefit from Teamwork.

1) Ask your meeting or event planner to call me.
– You will gain appreciation for contributing to successful programs.
– You will help your organization serve its members.
– You will gain recognition for taking an active role.
– You might be able to earn money for your organization.

2) Attend one of my presentations.
– You will learn interesting ideas that you can share with others.
– You will enjoy an educational, feel-good presentation.

3) Invite the leaders in your organization to attend my presentations.
– You will gain praise for introducing them to a valuable resource.
– You will show initiative in making the World better.

4) Attend one of my Photo Classes.
– You will gain tips and techniques that make photography more rewarding.
– You will learn how to take better, more memorable photos.

5) Bring a friend when you attend one of my presentations.
– Your friend will thank you for sharing something wonderful.
– You will add to your relationship by doing something enjoyable together.
– You might help build the membership in your organization.

6) Share news and notices about my presentations with others.
– People will thank you for posting useful news.
– You will expand your network on Facebook, Linkedin, and other sites that attract Likes.

7) Sign up for my blog (Use the field at the bottom of this page).
– You will gain valuable ideas.
– You will learn interesting facts, see beautiful photos, and enjoy entertaining stories.

8) Share links to the articles and resources on this site with others.
– People will thank you for thinking about them.
– You will contribute to making the world better for everyone.

9) Support organizations listed on this site.
– You will feel connected with others who are working to enjoy nature.
– You will feel good knowing that you are doing something to make the world better.

10) Shop from companies listed on this site.
– You will care for your health by eating healthy foods.
– You will protect your well-being by using healthy products.
– You will support ethical businesses.
– You will follow a sustainable lifestyle.

11) Spend time outside, learn about nature, and share what you discover.
– You will be happier and healthier when you connect with nature.
– You will discover why Nature is so important.

12) Share your ideas with me.
– You will become part of making the World better.
– You will feel good, knowing that you helped someone.

One more thought: When you become part of a team, you become connected with others who can help you. That’s a major benefit of teamwork.

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