Better World – 10 Things You Can Do

Here are 10 easy things you can do to create a better world. Bonus: They make your life better, too.

Use Less Gas

1) Drive Less

Shop close to home. Combine errands. Use public transportation or join a car pool for commuting. Walk with your children to school or ride share with neighbors.

2) Drive Smart

Avoid rush hour. Drive slower and safer. Coast to a stop. Accelerate gradually.

3) Drive Small

Buy a smaller vehicle with a smaller engine. Buy a hybrid or electric car.

Why this helps

a) You’ll save money when you use less gas.

b) You’ll cause less pollution when you use less gas.

c) You’ll reduce the cost of gas when you use less gas.

Save Resources

4) Electricity – Every day

Use CFC (or LED) lights. Turn off lights when leaving a room. Unplug the TV when not in use (Most TV controllers and game units leave the TV on, even after you turn them off). Turn off (or reduce) AC and heating while you are out.

5) Electricity – Long Term

Install a solar system. Buy energy efficient appliances. Add insulation to your home. Install awnings on windows receiving sunlight. Use a heat reflecting paint.

6) Water

Turn off sprinkler systems on rainy days. Use only as much water as necessary. Plant drought tolerant gardens. Replace lawns with drought tolerant plants.

Why this helps

a) You’ll save money when you use less resources.

Other Things

7) Food

Buy organic foods. Plan food shopping so that you buy only as much as you know your family will eat. Cook simple, one-pot meals. Fix meals that leave left-overs for another meal. Plan vegetarian meals.

8) Household Products

Buy paper products made from recycled papers. Buy eco-friendly soaps. Buy from Green companies.

9) Green Organizations

Support eco-friendly organizations: Join, volunteer, or donate. Attend their events.

10) Waste

Recycle paper, plastic, and glass. Compost yard waste and vegetable scraps. Donate unneeded goods.

Why this helps

a) You’ll encourage corporations to use ethical processes.

b) You’ll reward ethical companies for being good corporate citizens.

c) You’ll improve the quality of life in your area by being involved.

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