Every Solution Begins With a Dream

Here’s why:

Dreams predict the future, describe changes, and inspire people.

Like you, I’m concerned about the state of the world.

So here is my dream for how we can do better.

I have a dream

– that people live in harmony with each other,

– that people live in harmony with Nature,

– that people live in harmony with themselves.

I have a dream

– that peace is more profitable than war,

– that communication is more courageous than conflict,

– that humanity is more important than nationality,

– that love is more normal than hate.

I have a dream

– that corporations put people above profits,

– that corporations pay fair wages to all their workers,

– that corporations sell only things that benefit people,

– that corporations manage resources for a sustainable future.

I have a dream

– that enough is more commendable than excess,

– that charity is more important than luxury,

– that kindness is more common than meanness.

I have a dream

– that people live without fear,

– that our future is built upon hope,

– that we live as the intelligent creatures we were destined to be.

What’s Next

A dream without action is a fantasy.

First, it begins with me.

I’m striving to show compassion, kindness, and respect in every part of my life.

I’m publishing articles (like this one) and others (listed here).

And I’m giving talks that inspire respect for nature.

Then it continues with others.

I support organizations that work to make the world better. Through this, I hope to multiply my influence by helping those who are working to make a difference.

And finally, it includes you.

This leads to a question: What can you do to make this dream a reality?

I encourage you to give this some thought.

You might write a list of things that you could do, and then begin with those things that would cause the most good with the least effort.


Because a better world begins in our hearts.

Because our smallest actions affect all humanity.

Because our future depends upon all of us.