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This article was produced by Olivia Felini. I helped by translating and typing the text.

Cats tend to be blunt since they lack the complex vocabulary known to most humans.

So I added a human touch to Olivia’s remarks, while preserving their intent. Without this, some readers might have found Olivia’s comments to be offensive.

This is Olivia’s first article. She is quite proud of it. So we encourage your contented purrs as you read it.

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How to Keep Your Cat Safe, by Olivia Felini

I’m lucky. Because I’m an indoor cat.

Some of my friends aren’t so lucky. They’re outdoor cats.

These cats have bad problems.

They get hurt. They get sick. And they get lost.

They have problems that shouldn’t happen to a dog.

Here’s how to keep your cat safe.

Problem #1 CarsCar Going Fast, in article Keep Your Cat Safe

This happens fast.

A cat is walking along. Minding its business.

Suddenly a car appears.

Cars go too fast.

No animal can run that fast. Not even a cat.

Some drivers make the car go faster when they see a cat.

You can help if you’re the passenger.

Growl, really loud.

Make the driver slow down.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

1) Keep your cat inside – Why: Your cat will live longer

2) Drive carefully – Why: You’ll live longer; You’ll save money on gas; Your passengers will like you.

Problem #2 FleasFlea Medication Label, in article: Keep Your Cat Safe

Fleas live outside.

Until a cat walks past them.

Then the fleas come inside on the cat.

Fleas are bad. They bite. They cause worms.

Both cause visits to the vet. Or shots. Or yucky medicines.

Cats hate shots more than fleas.

You may not like spending money.

You may not like having fleas in your home.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

1) Keep your cat inside – Why: Your cat won’t get fleas; You won’t get fleas. Because fleas like people, too.

Problem #3 ChemicalsChemicals on the ground, in article on Keep Your Cat Safe

Some people put chemicals on their lawns.

When a cat steps on the chemicals, they stick to the cat’s paws.

When the cat cleans its fur, the cat eats the chemicals.

Then the cat gets a stomach ache.

And someone has to clean up a mess.

Or maybe the cat gets really sick. Then, maybe a vet can save the cat.

There’s another problem.

Some people poison mice.

When a cat eats a poisoned mouse, the cat dies.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

1) Keep your cat inside – Why: Your cat won’t get sick; You won’t get sick.

2) Don’t put chemicals on your lawn – Why: You won’t make other cats sick; You’ll save money.

3) Use traps instead of poisons – Why: You’ll protect all critters (cats, birds, and even dogs)

Problem #4 Other AnimalsCoyote, in article on Keep Your Cat Safe

It looks like a dog.

But it’s a coyote.

Coyotes are bad. Because they kill cats.

Then there are dogs. And other cats. And owls. Or hawks.

Did you know that an owl can carry a small cat?

Sure, cats run fast.

But these critters are faster.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

1) Keep your cat inside – Why: Your cat won’t get hurt.

2) Keep your dog inside  – Why: Other cats won’t get hurt; Your dog won’t get hurt.

Problem #5 PeopleTrap Cat, in article on Keep Your Cat Safe

Most people are nice.

Especially people who have cats.

But some people hurt cats.

They throw rocks. They shoot. Or they set traps.

Then the cat doesn’t come home.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe

Keep your cat inside – Why: Your cat won’t disappear. Your cat won’t get hurt.

Three More Reasons to Keep Your Cat Inside

1) Indoor cats live three to ten times longer than outdoor cats.

2) Cats kill more than a billion birds each year.

3) Cats are one of the few predators that can catch a hummingbird.

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