Success as a Cat

Olivia Felini in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Felini, Success Story

This no ordinary success story.

Years ago, Olivia Felini was homeless.

Now she is the president of a company. And she has achieved fame as a published author. [ See the links to her article and her book below ].

So Olivia feels contented, knowing she has done well.

By the way, some of the techniques that she used to achieve success can be used by people. These appear in Bold Purple Text.

So as you read this, consider how you might apply these strategies to achieve more in your life.

Then, perhaps you can become as successful as a cat.

Here’s her story.

Olivia Felini in her cubical at the pet store, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia’s Humble Beginning in a Shelter

Humble Beginning

Olivia was living in the upper right cubicle at a pet store where they kept rescue cats.

As with any dwelling for the homeless, her accommodations were minimal. She had food, water, and enough room to turn around.

I noticed Olivia during a visit to see the rescue cats.

But Olivia was different: She looked at me while other cats slept or looked at the backs of their cubicles.

So I scheduled an interview.

Relationships begin with eye contact.

Olivia had to pass two intensive interviews before being accepted into my firm.

She excelled in both of them.

Most notable, she showed an interest in me. She demonstrated confidence. And her manner was consistent.

So I offered her a position as office clerk, which she accepted.

Olivia Felini, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia, Planning Her Work Day

People become interested in you after they know you’re interested in them.

Career Success

Olivia quickly completed our New Employee Training Program, which is based on a traditional, “In-the-Box” model.

Since then she has been a self-starter who works with minimal supervision.

For example, she volunteered for the patio project (she watches the patio).

Olivia Felini, Watching the Patio, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Watching the Patio

She also watches the phone.

Olivia Watching the Phone, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Watching the Phone

And she watches the neighborhood (from inside our house).

Olivia Watching the Neighborhood, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Watching the Neighborhood

You might conclude that Olivia has built a career out of watching.

Find ways to be useful.

Career Advancement

Olivia also helps deal with telemarketers.

Usually, I let my answer system screen calls from unknown numbers.

But sometimes, I find myself on the line with an aggressive (i.e., offensive) telemarketer.

Then I rely on Olivia. Here’s how it goes:

“I want to speak with the person in charge of your web site.” [ Spoken with an intense, urgent voice ]

“She’s taking a nap.”

“Can you take a message?”

“She wouldn’t be able to read it.”


“Because she’s a cat.”

“A cat?”

“Yes, with four legs, whiskers, and fur.”

Telemarketer hangs up (angrily).

By the way, I am always kind to people who call.

I once received a hand written note from a telemarketer thanking me for my kindness.

Seek expanding excellence through innovation.

Personal Improvement

Olivia knows that her effectiveness depends upon being rested.

So she takes frequent naps.

Olivia Napping, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Napping

Sometimes she even takes a nap while taking a nap.

In the Meow Handbook (which every cat studies), this is described as a two-level, nested nap (i.e., one nap inside another).

As of today, no cat has managed to take a three-level, nested nap. But Olivia is working on being the first.

Olivia Between Naps, in article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

Olivia Resting Between Naps

Your performance depends upon your health.

Business Reorganization

In 2010 – 2011, people stopped buying my workshops on leadership skills.

So with Olivia’s help, I changed the business focus to photography. As part of this reorganization, Olivia was promoted to president.

Now I take photos of birds, which I use in articles, blogs, books, and presentations to inspire respect for nature.

And Olivia manages (actually, watches) the office.

There is always a solution if you are willing to look for it.


Certainly, leadership matters.

So I tell Olivia that she is a “Good Cat” every time I see her.

Here’s why:

1) Kind words convey kindness.

Sending constant pulses of kindness creates a positive work environment.

And everybody performs better in a friendly environment.

2) Expectations define behavior.

If I expect Olivia to be a good cat, then everything she does is good.

And that makes life better for both of us.

3) Thoughts become life.

When I praise others, I’m actually praising myself. That’s because I hear what I say.

And that makes both of us feel good.

Effective leaders create a positive environment that facilitates excellence.

Good News!Cat Wisdom, book by Steve Kaye

Olivia helped write a book.

It’s available as a print on demand book from Barnes & Noble.

Click on the cover image to see the book on the B&N web site.

Or click on: Cat Wisdom

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