American Kestrel, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Creativity | Aug 2018

Creativity Has an Unexpected Role in Bird Photography

American Kestrel, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in blog post: Creativity - A Paradox

American Kestrel, Male

The above photo exemplifies creativity.

But not in the way most people might expect.

First, I did not plan the photo. Actually, I had just enough time to frame and press for two quick photos.

In addition, finding an American Kestrel was a surprise. One had not been seen in this area for years.

Second, I wanted to take photos of hummingbirds.

And during my entire 2-hour walk, I did not take a single photo of a hummingbird.

You might conclude that, based on my goal for the morning, I failed.

Of course, I did take this photo. And I’d welcome that type of failure any day.

Now you may wonder, how does this relate to creativity?

Creativity is a quest that often results in finding something different from what you sought.

And that’s what happened here.

In fact, this happens almost every time I go out to take photos of birds.

Yes, I go out with a goal in mind. But birds, being birds, live according to their plans and not my goals.

So I seldom find what I set out to photograph.

There’s a larger message here.

Life becomes powerful when you have a purpose, which involves a quest.

And every quest exemplifies creativity wherein the unexpected benefits may be more valuable than the goal.

For example, these benefits could be the people you meet, the lessons you learn, and the changes you cause – all unplanned, and yet a result of being on that quest.

So what is your purpose? And what is you quest?

Because your quest becomes your legacy.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

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