Red-winged Blackbird, Juvenile, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Earth Day by the Birds

How Birds Celebrate Earth Day

Red-winged Blackbird, Juvenile, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in blog post: Earth Day by the Birds

Red-winged Blackbird, Juvenile, Calling to Be Fed

This bird is celebrating Earth Day.

And it celebrated it yesterday.

And it will celebrate it tomorrow.


By being a bird.

Most remarkable, birds have been celebrating Earth Day for tens of millions of years, which explains why birds (and their ancestors) have thrived since life formed.

So here’s their approach:

Birds are honest.

They believe in gravity, seasons, and Nature. So they live in harmony with reality.

Birds are frugal.

They take only what they need. So they live comfortably with enough.

And birds are simple.

They do what matters most in the moment. So they live with clear priorities.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

PS: This post explains why birds live this way: See: Instead of Regulations

Help Birds Tip

People can celebrate Earth Day by living like birds.

For example:

Seek and support truth.

Conserve resources.

Focus on compassion (because this makes life worth living for humans).

Birding Resources

The American Bird Conservancy’s web site contains valuable info. See: American Bird Conservancy

Here’s an outstanding book about bird conservation: Bird Conservation

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