Why Facilitation?

Between 1992 – 2011 my business focused on helping people become more successful.

During that time, I conducted workshops on leadership skills, published three books on meetings, and facilitated meetings.

You’ll find a list of clients who benefited from this work on the lower part of the Clients List page.

I earned the CPF (Certified Professional Facilitator) designation from the International Association of Facilitators.

As a meeting facilitator, I used highly interactive, parallel process techniques to accomplish significant results. At the end of one facilitation, the company president told the staff, “Do you realize it would have taken three days to accomplish what we did this afternoon with Steve Kaye’s help.”

In general, a meeting facilitator helps in two ways. They create a safe environment that encourages creative, candid, courageous ideas. And they bring a process that involves everyone in making methodical progress toward agreements that everyone will support.

I’m still available to assist leaders as a meeting facilitator on a selective basis.

My criteria are: 1) I must know that I can add value, and 2) I must agree with the intent of the project.

Please call if you’d like to talk.

All success begins with a conversation.

Meeting Facilitation

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