White-crowned Sparrow, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Ordinary Courage | April 2018

What is ordinary courage?

White-crowned Sparrow, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Blog Post "Ordinary Courage"

White-crowned Sparrow

It seemed like a good idea.

In 2010 Sea & Sage, my local Audubon Chapter, was holding a gathering of bird photographers.

According to the e-mail, each photographer could bring 20 photos to show the others.

Even though I had been taking photos of birds for only a few months, I decided to attend. But I had only 12 photos that I considered worth showing.

So I arrive and find myself in a gathering of exceptional photographers.

For example, the man hosting the event had been taking photos for as long as I had been alive.

And then the show begins, featuring exquisite photos of:

– Penguins from Antartica

– Toucans from South America

– Rare storks from Africa

These photos showed birds diving into the sea, flying through rainforests, and building nests.

It was incredible.

Finally, my turn began with this photo:

– A sparrow from Fullerton

Perched on a branch, with a busy background, and doing nothing.

I could feel a polite yawn fill the room.

Oh my.

But wait, there’s a point here.

Most likely you have heard tales about extraordinary courage, where people take incredible risks.

At the other end, there’s:

Ordinary Courage

This applies to all of us because it provides realistic opportunities to be courageous every day.

You see, ordinary courage is the habit of choosing actions that lead toward the greatest good, even when you feel unsure or afraid.

For example, that evening I showed the courage to be ordinary.

In return, I could see what extraordinary photos looked like. And that gave me a vision of what I wanted to achieve in my photography.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m far from being extraordinary.

But I have improved over the past eight years.

And that’s what makes every journey worthwhile.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

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Did You Know?

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✅ The Trust for Public Land

✅ American Bird Conservancy

Here’s an outstanding book about bird conservation: Bird Conservation

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  • Eileen Brownell
    Posted at 08:31h, 06 April

    I love how you weave a story that makes an incredible point. Thank you for sharing your photos and most importantly you.

  • Tice Supplee
    Posted at 13:40h, 06 April

    I really enjoyed the sentiment about ordinary courage and the poem with the white-crowned sparrow. Thanks for an uplifting message!

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