Rock Pigeon, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Rock Pigeon Movie

What If You Were in a Rock Pigeon Movie

Rock Pigeon, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Rock Pigeon

Imagine that your life is a movie.
And one day, while you’re outside, you hear someone shout, “Hey look, it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Super . . . no, wait it really is a bird . . . a Rock Pigeon.”

Then you relax.

Because you know there’s a big difference between being in an eye-popping, tooth-clenching, muscle-tightening comic book action movie . . . And being in a calm, easy-going, enjoyable movie with a Rock Pigeon.

It’s enough to make you pause and take a deep comforting breath.

That’s because Rock Pigeons are ordinary. They don’t have super powers. They don’t wear fancy costumes. And, most important, they don’t attract comic villains.

But Rock Pigeons can fly.

And they do wear pretty feathers.

Rock Pigeon, © Photo by Steve Kaye

Rock Pigeon

And, most important, they have a comic style of walking.

So here is reminder to enjoy this simple bird that appears everywhere. Because it’s part of the vast spectrum of life that includes all of us. And it’s doing quite well being the best bird that it can be.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

PS: I added a new photo article about Flowers.

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Help Birds Tip

Tip: Provide Water, Too

If you set out bird feeders, provide water. Simply use empty food containers. Wash and rinse them first. Then fill with water and put them in your yard.

Every few days, replace the old containers with new (clean) containers containing fresh water.

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  • Kathryn Grace
    Posted at 15:23h, 14 June

    We have a lot of pigeons here in the city. Watching them with the grandchildren is an eye opener because, as you say, it reminds me that even the humblest of birds have beautiful feathers, and they do scavenge a good deal of the food humans drop on the sidewalks.

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