The Three Bears, Revisited

Black Bear in Sequoia National Park, in Article, "The Three Bears"

One of the Three Bears, on Vacation in Sequoia National Park

Once upon a time there were three bears that lived in a midtown walkup.

One of them walked to work, one took the bus, and one rode a bicycle. You could say this was a Green group of bears, even though they were brown.

One day the bear who walked to work was stopped by a crowd of people who were passing out flag pins. They tried to give one to the bear, but the bear refused. “I have nothing to pin it on,” the bear said, because the bear (being a bear) did not wear a shirt (or pants, for that matter).

The people became angry. “Go back where you came from,” they shouted. “Yeah, go live in the woods!”, others chimed in. “You should be put in a zoo!”, someone yelled.

But the bear ignored them and continued on its way to work.

Then, once in the office, the bear caused the stock market to crash, thereby making all their investments worthless. And when these people were unable to pay their bills, the bear foreclosed on their mortgages. Of course, this proved highly profitable for the bear.

Now the people live in the woods. And the bear still walks to work, except to a large office in a prestigious building (owned by the bear).

Moral: You never know how much power someone has, even if they look like a bear.

What about the rest of the cast?

As you might expect, the other two bears work in commodities and bonds. They’re both doing quite well.

And Goldilocks earned a Ph.D. in ornithology, has earned tenure, and conducts research on hummingbird migration.

Did You Know?

The most effective way to help birds is to buy land.

Please visit the web site for The Trust for Public Land to learn about what they’re doing.

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