Green Business

My business qualifies for the Green America Gold Green Business Certification.

Green America Gold Green Business Certification

Why This Matters

I believe that running a sustainable business is essential for the future of humanity.

We live on a finite planet with finite resources, finite space, and finite resilience.

And thus, everyone has a moral responsibility to live and work so that life continues.

What I Do

✅ Focus

My business works to protect and preserve the environment.

I do this by giving presentations that: a) Inspire Respect for Nature, b) Show how you make a difference, and c) Promote kindness. [ See: Mission and Values ]

I write articles that show easy, practical actions people can take to make a difference.

These four articles are especially important.

🌿10 Ways to Save Money on Gas; Save money by using less gas.

🌿Endangered Birds; Learn why birds matter and what you can do to help them.

🌿Pest Control Chemicals; Protect your health.

🌿Good Citizen Check List; Actions that make a difference.

I write a blog that informs, entertains, and inspires. [ See: Steve Kaye’s Blog ]

I have created books that promote caring for our environment, especially “What Birds Want to Tell Us” [ See all my books at: Books by Steve Kaye ]

Allen's Hummingbird, Female, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Green Business

Allen’s Hummingbird, Female

✅ Support Services

I buy services from Green Businesses.

🌿Auto Club: Better World Club; Eco-Friendly auto club with green values.

🌿In General: Businesses that are listed in the Green America National Green Pages or have earned praise for being good corporate citizens.

Elegant Tern, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Green Business

Elegant Tern

✅ Operation

I strive for a small environmental footprint.

🌿Transportation: I drive a hybrid car. In general, I fill the tank every four to six weeks. [ Note: During March 13, 2020 to March 7, 2021, I used 12 gallons of gas. So I drove almost 500 miles during 51 weeks with one tank of gas. ]

🌿Travel: I ride Amtrak for long trips.

🌿Utilities: I use as little as possible. And we have solar panels on the roof of our house. Our electric bills were negative for 10 months during 2022.

🌿Purchasing: I buy fair trade goods, organic foods, and products made from recycled materials. I bring cloth bags when I shop in local stores.

🌿Recycling: I recycle everything the system will allow. I donate or sell surplus goods.

🌿Investing: My savings are invested in socially responsible funds.

Western Bluebird, © Photo by Steve Kaye, in Green Business

Western Bluebird, Male

✅ Connection

I support organizations that work to make the World better. [ See: Organizations ]

And as you might expect, I support compassion.

Charter For Compassion Partner


Join me.

🌿If you care about our future.

🌿If you want to make a difference.

🌿If you want to leave a positive legacy.


🌿Find ways to use the ideas in the three articles cited above.

🌿Share my blogs and articles with others.

🌿Ask event planners to call me.

🌿Set an example that others will want to follow.