Career Profile – Olivia Felini

Olivia Felini, President & CFO of Steve Kaye Photo

Olivia Felini joined One Great Meeting through a community organization that finds jobs for the homeless.

After successfully completing two rigorous interviews, Olivia was offered a position with the firm.

She quickly completed the new employee orientation program (based on a traditional in-the-box business model).

She began her employment as a clerk with the assignment of being useless. Two months later she was promoted to office manager so she could be useless on a more comprehensive scale.

Then, based on her exceptional skills napping, stretching, and yawning, she was promoted to Senior Executive Vice President of Unimportant Matters.

When One Great Meeting was reorganized, Olivia accepted a transfer to the photo branch of the business. She now serves as president and CFO (Chief Feline Officer).

Her responsibilities include: Sniffing junk mail, Listening to the phone ring, and Watching the office while Steve is out taking photos.

Olivia achieved a purr-fect score on the CAT (Cat Aptitude Test). She then earned an MFA (Masters in Feline Arts) with a major in strategic napping and a minor in emphatic purring from UCLA (University for Cats, Los Angeles).

She recently completed independent study in the art of being a strategic nuisance. As a result, she now excels at sitting on books while they are being read.

Olivia spends her free time watching the patio and practicing yoga napping.

She is the author of the popular article: Keep Your Cat Safe.

And she appears in the important article: How to Achieve Success as a Cat

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