Gila Woodpecker, Male, (c) Photo by Steve Kaye

Not a Hummingbird

Not a Hummingbird

Gila Woodpecker, Male, (c) Photo by Steve Kaye, in Post: Not a Hummingbird

Gila Woodpecker, Male

Clearly, this is not a hummingbird.

It’s a Gila Woodpecker, male, on a hummingbird feeder.

Birds are smart.

That is, they always welcome an easy meal. And this Gila Woodpecker has found it in a hummingbird feeder.

This photo was taken at the Casa de San Pedro B&B, near Hereford, AZ.

I’ll note that this B&B offers wonderful accommodations plus fantastic breakfasts.

And, of course, they are in a birding paradise. Learn more about this B&B by clicking on the link below in Birding Resources.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

Birding Resources

Find info about the Casa de San Pedro B&B at:

Find info about birds in South Eastern Arizona at: Tucson Audubon Society

Help Birds Tip

Woodpeckers are cavity nesters. So they depend upon old trees. If possible, leave old trees alone. Or, trim only the parts that pose a risk.

Find more info about this at: The Cavity Conservation Initiative

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  • Susan Deppner
    Posted at 10:18h, 10 August

    We get small woodpeckers like that on our feeders, too, as well as a big flickr who visits regularly. We think he visits to feed on the ants as they compete with the hummingbirds for nectar. It’s just one big feast out there!

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