Not So Scary

Not So Scary

Here’s how to make Halloween Not So Scary.

In past years, I’d buy bags of candy for Halloween.

Imagine being a parent of children who bring home a bag filled with unknown (scary) candy. What danger lurks inside those colorful wrappers?

So I found organic candy, hoping this might be a bit safer.

Then, this year I did something different for Halloween.

I gave books instead of candy.

I bought books from the used book collection at the Sea & Sage Audubon annual pancake breakfast. So all the books were about friendly topics, such as birds, animals, and trees.

And most of the books cost 50 cents (or less).

I’ll admit that I wondered how this would work. Would the children rebel? Refuse the books? Scowl?

Well, good news.

The children were delighted. One group told me that they came to our street because they heard someone was giving away books.

So, thank you Books for Treats for this fantastic (and not so scary) idea.

Much success,

Steve Kaye


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