Super Telephoto Lens Tip

Super Telephoto Lens Tip

Almost everyone does this.

They carry their super telephoto lens on their shoulder because these lenses are heavy and because it’s convenient and because everyone else does this.


Here’s a case where doing what everyone else does can cost a lot of money.

Two weeks ago I took my camera system to Canon’s service center in Costa Mesa, CA, because my photo sharpness seemed to have deteriorated.

Their technicians found melted heat seals in my 600 mm, f/4, lens.

They told me that this can happen when the lens is pointed at the sun. Cost: $315 (after a 30% discount for the Platinum level CPS membership).

At first, I thought this was absurd. I never point my lens at the sun.

In fact, I tell people in my photo class to have the sun behind them when taking photos of birds.

Then, yesterday I went out to test my newly repaired lens. And like always, I put the lens on my shoulder as I walked about – until I realized that the lens was pointed up at the sky (and maybe the sun). Fortunately, I noticed this within minutes after I arrived.

So here is a Super-Telephoto Lens tip: Point your lens sideways (or down) while carrying it.

Much success,

Steve Kaye

Birding Resources

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