Cat wisdom matters (especially to cats).

This article was produced with the help of Coco Cabana, Katcheena Kahtay, Maxwell Goodcat, and Olivia Felini.

Although intended for the benefit of other cats, people can read it, too.

It contains photos of cats and quotes (translated) from cats.

Meow (or enjoy).

Cat Wisdom

“They will throw away their coffee if they see you drink out of their cup.”

Coco Drinking our of a Cup, in Cat Wisdom

“Pretend to listen while people talk.

It makes them feel important.”

Cat, Maxwell Goodcat

“Find unexpected ways to be useful.”

Cat Touching Keyboard

“If you can go there, you belong there.”

Maxwell Goodcat on Bookcase

“If they won’t let you sit on something, put your tail on it.”

Olivia's Tail on my journal

“The only nap that matters is the one you’re taking.”

Cat taking a nap

“Appear calm during times of chaos.”

Cat being calm

“You want to sit Where?”

Cat Katcheena Nap

“Return immediately after being thrown out.”

Cat on Rug

“Never let them know you’re laughing.”

Cat appearing serious

Olivia Felini wrote an important article for people who care about their cats. See: Keep Your Cat Safe

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